The Microsoft Surface Duo has been in my hands for 72 hours and I can’t bring myself to use it much longer. Finally, if you want to force the new user to change their password when they logon, check the box User must change password at next logon”. During my panicked attempt to restore, I had to do a complete reset and restore, and during the restore there was some doubt- even on the part of the Apple tech that helped me- that my priceless Procreate drawings would restore at all. That’s all there is to it. It is that simple to enable or disable security questions in Windows 10.

But it’s a welcome overhaul of a taskbar system that had outgrown its Windows 95 roots. And there’s a certain level of integration with Windows 10, including accessing installed apps from the Start menu, pinning them to the taskbar, uninstalling them from the UI or browser, and toast notifications in the Action Center. By default if you take no action to control updates, the feature releases are set to semi-annual (targeted) and you will receive the feature releases when your computer is deemed by Microsoft to be ready for the update.

Sign in to a Microsoft account with administrator privileges. Being an optional update, it didn’t automatically install on Windows 10 device and so didn’t affect a huge number of users. These features may slow down your CPU at times to save power. Link the WSUS_General GPO to the most top level Organisational Unit(s) you can that contains the computer accounts you want to receive the settings. If you specified Open::key as the menu entry, and the user clicked on Open, then you will receive the string Open::key upon completion of the Read.

If Windows 8.1 missed one of the devices you feel should be on the device list, you can scan again to see whether the device is discoverable. Microsoft had recently released the KB4512941 update for Windows 10 that fixes numerous issues affecting Remote Desktop, Windows Sandbox and other aspects of Windows 10. However, after installing the optional cumulative update, several Windows 10 1903 users complained of CPU usage spikes and a decrease in computer performance.

Other issues might be present on your PC that cause the Alt-Tab keys to not function as intended. Notice the heading that reads Storage Sense” and Turn on the Storage sense toggle switch to let Windows 10 automatically manage space and free up space when you’re low on it. Then choose whether you want to be able to share and receive content from any nearby device or only from devices where you’re signed in to the same account.

Once you are here, find the Prevent installation of devices that match any of these devices IDs” policy, and double-click on it to change its properties. Back to the previous window, double click on the Users folder and you will see that the new user has been created. Click the Start button and type Local Security” in the Cortana and open the Local Security Policy” editor. You can tell Windows to hide all notifications, while still filtering alarms or anything deemed high priority.

Since the new browser is being delivered to Windows 10 users via Windows Update, many of you maybe still wondering how to actually prevent an automatic update and keep using the legacy version of Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML). First, there is the option to hide Cortana: just right-click the Taskbar and select Cortana > Hidden. The Windows 8 lock screen, which shows up by default when a computer idles for 15 minutes, will display an update notification in the bottom right corner that says "Your PC will restart in 3 days to finish installing updates." When three days are up, the OS will be smart enough to recognize unsaved documents or important background processes and delay the restart.