You can also expect to get some multiplatform support since this emulator is based off a PC release. Furthermore, you can easily sync your saves between your PC and your phone seamlessly. Unfortunately, there’s no lite version or trial for GBA.emu. You can’t try it out to see if it works, you will just have to rely on the refund policy to cover you in case you have problems.

But a link to the past emulator other than this, GBA.emu is a rock-solid emulation platform. Good — now you have all you want to play GBA games on your mobile phone. There are a plethora of emulators for the last of those, but none offer more features than My Boy!

Note that not all ROMs will play on all emulators, which is why I’ve included so many free ones. The paid ones are pretty good, but it’ll be nice to have a backup option available to you should you come across a game your slick paid emulator won’t play. BGBis a very simple emulator but with certain limitations. It has basic functionalities like save states and speed gameplay available but it lacks some advanced features. This is by far the most popular GBA Emulator available on the internet.

Then you can play them pretty much as if they were a real game. Unfortunately Flash Carts have become harder to find as the GBA becomes increasingly obsolete. is a leading GBA emulator in the Play Store and perhaps the most important of the GBA Android emulators. It is definitely the most popular and has gained this popularity thanks to great performance, accuracy and emulation functionality.

The Premium version of the application eliminates advertisements but is not strictly necessary for a good gaming experience. That much being said, if you have a reliable source of ROMs that you trust, here are five of the top GBA emulators for Android devices.

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  • The system seemed well on its way to being a success in the U.S.
  • The exact number of games released is not known, but is likely around 20.
  • The decision to ship U.S. games in cardboard boxes in a cost-cutting move rather than hard plastic cases that Japanese and European releases were shipped in may have also hurt US sales.


If you are a GBA fan, you must have already heard about it. Other than the GBA ROMs, it is also able to run GameBoy ,GameBoy Color ROMs. There are also options available to save your game at any time, speed up the gameplay and play the game in Full-screen mode. So, in this post, I’ll present you with a list of Top 10 GBA Emulators to play Gameboy advance games. Good — now you have all you need to play GBA games onto your mobile phone.

It seamlessly combines Bluetooth, customization, and excellent emulation into one convenient package. Here’s why you should finally ditch that old Gameboid .apk and try out My Boy!. To order to ensure all games working without break down, the emulators on the list were accurately checked. While it is impossible to test the whole GBA collection, I reviewed some of the harder games. Another great emulator, Higan GBA Emulator, allows you to play GBA games on your PC.